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Even in the digital era when everything is online, it is vital to have a brochure for your business.?And it’s equally important to have the right kind of brochure because a bad one can make the first impression go completely wrong.

Brochures are cost-effective, easy to distribute, and used to promote the business or product. With an impressive catalog, one can introduce the features and benefits of their products and services to potential customers.?Brochures are one of the productive marketing tools for many reasons.?This tool is quite valuable for small and medium enterprises.

Let’s have a look at why businesses must have a brochure even in this digital marketing world.

1. Brochures introduce business

With a booklet, you can share the story of your business. It gives an idea about the use of your products or services to your audience. There are higher chances that people will share your brochures with potential buyers if they find it useful.

With this one-on-one communication tool, you can communicate with your targeted audience why they need to choose your products over your competitor’s products.

2. Effective marketing tool

Nothing can replace a well-designed brochure, not even digital marketing. The best thing is that it caters to the undivided attention of your targeted audience. This useful marketing tool helps to expand the visibility of your company.

To ensure that your brochure creates an impact, prepare your brochure by keeping AIDA Marketing Model in mind. AIDA stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

3. Brochures as promo gifts

Brochures create a great impression when given with a promotional giveaway. You can either add your brochure with freebies or a sample of products you offer.

It is a great tactic when you want to attract people to try out your product. You can send them through mail or put them in the office on your table.

4. Easy to distribute

Brochures allow you to reach out to new customers. It is essential to place the brochures strategically when it comes to distribution.

There are many ways of distributing the brochure but make sure to find the best way according to your business. You can place them around kiosks or bulletin boards, at your office’s reception area, or even give with the packaged orders to your clients.

5. Brochures are cost-effective

It is a great idea to include brochures in your marketing plan as they are cost-effective. The price of the brochure also decreases when you buy in bulk.

Brochures have details about your business and the products you offer that make them useful for many reasons. You can give them to potential buyers, loyal customers, contacts from your business, and others. It saves your time and money as all the relevant and required information is already available in the brochure.


A brochure is a budget-friendly marketing tool that helps you to reach the targeted audience in various ways. An attractive brochure design allows winning the heart and mind of your customers. Never compromise on the quality of printing and designing as it helps to build the trust and credibility of your business.

Want to get your product brochure or catalog designed? Our strategic marketing and designing team at Tradeindia can help you create a well-designed brochure to expand your visibility and win customers. Get started today!

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Covid-19 Effect – Virtual Events And Fairs Mon, 08 Jun 2020 10:39:06 +0000 The current virus crisis has completely changed the way business will be done in future. At least till the time we have a vaccine out to combat the spread and save lives, we have to adapt to the “new-normal”. Businesses are forced to re-strategize and evolve their processes to survive and grow at the same time.?

The worst hit due to the crisis are the small businesses that form the backbone of Indian economy and contribute to about 30% of our GDP. Though the government has announced a slew of measures for the sector like collateral free loans, equity infusion, credit line for stressed MSMEs, e-market linkages, still it will take a lot of effort and time for most of the businesses to resume operations.?

Many businesses have shut operations or are on the verge of shutting down due to shortage of labour, liquidity crunch, disruption of demand-supply chain and other factors. Faster implementation and quick-disbursal of loans is required to help distressed MSMEs.

Pre-Covid-19, small and large businesses alike relied a lot on trade fairs, events, conferences and exhibitions to promote their businesses globally. These events played an important role and served as an apt platform for the companies to showcase their products and services, build businesses partners, appoint distributors, meet new-buyers, renew existing buyers, in joint-ventures and tie-ups. They also helped in bringing investment to the country.

In the present scenario, worldwide trade shows and events are either cancelled or have been postponed. With the social distancing norms in place and the danger of disease spread looms large, it seems that in-person or physical trade fairs and events will not happen anytime in the near future.

The Covid-19 crisis has severely affected the exhibitions’ business globally. It has incurred huge losses to the organizers and venues and has disrupted the exhibitors’ plan to a great extent.

The uncertainty over when the crisis will end has forced the organisers to consider hosting virtual trade events, conferences and webinars as an alternative. Even the Indian government has announced the starting of e-market linkage to bring sellers and consumers at one place as a replacement for trade fairs and exhibitions.

Virtual Trade Fair

Virtual Trade Fair

Now what exactly a virtual event is? A virtual event is an online event where people interact and meet online rather than in person. There are many platforms that host virtual events and it can have single or multiple sessions or large conferences.? A Virtual event has several benefits over physical trade shows like it is easier to attend, accessible to a wider audience and has low operating and marketing costs. With virtual events, everything is digital and you have full control over your ROI and spend.

Though face-to-face interactions for business events / meetings will always hold their importance, the current times call for trying out virtual events till the time things normalise.

Even when physical events resume, say in a couple of months time, will they be hosted in a diminished form? will the visitor / exhibitor have the confidence to participate without any fear? will businesses be the same? There are many questions, answers to which only time will tell.?

Till then it’s time to test the efficacy of virtual events and continue to promote and grow business, digitally.

Submit your virtual trade event or webinar now and grow your business.


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MSMEs – The Way Forward in The Shadow of COVID-19 Tue, 26 May 2020 08:32:39 +0000 The CoronaVirus or COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected businesses, consumers and communities across the globe. In India, where small businesses were already struggling before the crisis began suffered the most after a lockdown was announced in the country in March end. The businesses came to a complete halt, with millions of job-losses reported from every sector and a complete shutdown of economic activity plunged the economy deeper into crisis.

Liquidity crunch, disrupted demand-supply chain, manpower shortage, unavailability of raw material, tax burdens, unfulfilled orders, delayed payments added to the woes of MSMEs, often called as the backbone of Indian economy.?

MSMEs that contribute to almost 30 per cent of the India’s GDP, 48 per cent to the merchandise exports and about 45 per cent to the total manufacturing output besides been the second largest employment generator in India after agriculture often faced financial stress and challenges when it comes to getting credit from banks that charge higher interest rates, ask for additional collateral requirements, delay payments and take additional charges on bank guarantees among other things.

The clamour for financial support for MSMEs that started as soon as the first lockdown was announced in March prompted the government to act and and bail-out the distressed businesses and announced slew of measures to revive the Indian economy.

covid and msmes

In April, the RBI to ease liquidity crunch, announced targeted long-term repo operation (TLTRO) of Rs 50,000 crore so that small and medium-sized non-banking finance companies (NBFCs) and micro-finance institutions (MFIs) can better facilitate lending to the sector.

Further to above measures taken by the RBI, the Indian government also announced a 20 lakh crore stimulus package, close to 10% of the GDP, labelled as “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” and aimed at building a self-reliant India on 12th May, 2020. The package aims to cater to businesses of all sizes, migrant workers, street vendors, middle class, cottage industry, real-estate and power sector.?

The economic stimulus announced is termed as a ‘game-changer’ by many industry experts and business owners with some of the opinion that measures announced will help India become self-reliant, will make MSMEs come out stronger from the current crisis and make India a manufacturing hub in the times to come.?

Many others are still skeptical and say that ground realities are very different. They call for faster implementation so that benefits can be availed.

Even after the schemes were announced, many banks have still not received any notification from the government and are unaware about the schemes and we are unable to procure loans or get our queries addressed, said one MSME owner.?

The details of the announcement made for MSMEs in the stimulus package are as under:

  1. 3 lakh crore collateral free business loans, including for MSMEs –
  2. Rs. 20,000 crore Sub-ordinate debt for MSMEs.
  3. Rs 50,000 crore equity infusion for MSMEs through Fund of Funds that will help to expand MSME in size as well as capacity.
  4. Global tenders will be banned for government procurement up to Rs 200 crore. This will help Indian MSMEs bid for government tenders without facing unfair competition from foreign companies. and will be a step towards making India self-reliant.
  5. e-market linkage for MSMEs will be promoted to act as a replacement for trade fairs and exhibitions. MSME receivables from Government and CPSEs will be released in 45 days.
  6. Definition of MSME has been changed and this will help the MSME sector to grow and emerge as a vibrant and dynamic sector, contributing to self-reliance and employment in a big way.

The government stimulus for the sector is no doubt a shot in the arm for struggling MSMEs. Having said that,? the coming days will determine how the sector is able to take advantage of these measures.? In the current situation which doesn’t look like improving very soon,? organisations have to look for ways and means to make adjustments in their operations to remain profitable. In our view,? a heightened use of various online tools and services will be the only way out. This is going to be the new normal and faster MSMEs realize that,? better it will be for them to beat the ill effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and to take their businesses to new heights.

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TI Lending – A Hope for Businesses to Balance Out Their Losses in This COVID-19 Pandemic Mon, 25 May 2020 07:00:28 +0000 collateral free business loan in IndiaThere’s no denying the fact that COVID-19 has drastically affected businesses. With the stock of products stored as it is in warehouses, regular disposal of salaries to employees and many other miscellaneous expenses during lockdown, most of the companies have reached a stage, where they are facing issues in balancing financial positions. And for businesses, the only way to overcome the tough business phase and cover-up the losses is to invest and earn. But now what comes as a challenge is that from where to have money to invest more on business?

Here, TI Lending comes as a true partner; the company understands your business needs and works solely with the aim to make a better future of your business.

TI Lending is a service from, which is one of the India’s largest B2B marketplaces. The company assists MSMEs in getting collateral free business loans. The entire process which companies have to follow for acquiring loans is extremely fast and the amount gets quickly disbursed in accounts.

Businesses can avail TI Lending services by visiting the website of, there they can also check different types of business loan options that are available for supporting them. TI Lending has partnered with one of the largest financial support service providers of the market, which helps it to provide loans at highly reasonable interest rates with long repayment options.

Process To Apply For A Business Loan Through TI Lending

  • Fill and submit the Application Form, updating all the genuine details.
  • Once the form will be approved, an executive will visit you to collect documents or you can upload documents on the website as well.
  • All the documents are then verified, the process may include personal interaction as well for having better clarity.
  • After documents verification, the loan amount will be disbursed and directly transferred to the bank account.

Benefits of Taking Loans from TI Lending

  • After applying for a loan, the applicant will immediately get quotes, offers and interest rates from different banks on the website.
  • Quick approvals for providing business loans, they are approved as one submits all the documents.
  • Excellent users support services by TI Lending, where business entities are properly guided for getting the loan deals at minimal rates.
  • 100% assurance about transparency in deals and privacy of the updated data.

We request companies to not let their businesses suffer rather give a boost to them. We have several types of loans available from Line of Credit to Bill Discounting, Overdrafts, Business Loans for Women, Unsecured Business Loans, Mudra Yojna Business Loans, Term Loans, etc.

Call 08037744444 or apply online now to avail collateral free business loan.

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Digital Transformation is a Necessity – Not an Option Thu, 07 May 2020 11:03:00 +0000 Digital Transformation is a Necessity - Not an option

The COVID-19 Crisis – A Global Pandemic

Since the later part of 2019, the world has gone into a shell owing to the outbreak of Coronavirus disease. Declared a pandemic, the virus has affected businesses across the globe as country after country has gone into lockdown and the end-user remaining indoors for months now. Businesses, especially SMEs, are feeling the heat due to the COVID-19 pandemic with manufacturing coming to a grinding halt and traditional marketing channels like meeting clients one-on-one is absolutely not an option now.

Challenges Faced by Indian Small Businesses

Moreover, liquidity crunch, non-availability of labour, etc., are other issues which SMEs are now facing and will continue to face for some time now. With little or no cash reserves, small businesses are badly hit and will incur huge losses until and unless the government announces some stimulus packages to support them.

The best way forward now during these times is SMEs along with business continuity and resilience should also focus on brand building, growth, and business improvement. Businesses will need to understand that social distancing, and work from home will be the new normal. Meeting clients face-to-face, traveling within the country and beyond the borders will be very difficult now.

Opportunity to Market / Sell Products Digitally

Having said that these challenges that SMEs are facing now also brings to fore a plethora of opportunities to adjust their operations by moving from traditional to digital mediums to market and sell their products.

SMEs will have to shun old methods of connecting with buyers and start thinking more strategically by investing both time and resources on digital and new-age technologies. Sooner small businesses understand that the need of the hour is digitization to unlock their maximum potential, better it will be for them to remain competitive post-COVID-19.

Digital Transformation is a Necessity- Not an Option.

So whether it is manufacturing, logistics, finance, human resources, time is now to rely more and use technology and digital mediums to sustain and reach to the shores safely through the troubled waters. Businesses now have to see digital transformation as a necessity rather than an additional burden on their finances. With uncertainty ruling as to when the pandemic is likely to end, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. The mantra should be to evolve and innovate.

What is Digital Transformation and why is it a must in current times?

Digitalization is the replacement of conventional technologies or methods with ICT-based technologies. For instance, if a company used to store documents on paper, with digitalization, the documents can be stored and managed electronically. New technologies allow digitizing every part of the production cycle and every part of the company and its functions. To this purpose, the market offers new industrial controllers, new Fieldbus technologies, new software, etc.

Digital Marketing – A Must For Small & Medium Businesses

Digital marketing has proved to be a cost-effective method for SMEs to promote and grow your business online and has made a huge impact in terms of productivity. Businesses are able to build brands’ popularity, promote their products & services globally at low costs. Tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media marketing helps in reaching targeted audiences globally.

Benefits of Digitalization

With digitization, SMEs will be capable of diversifying consumer segments in a short period compared to offline businesses by increasing their revenue, providing access to higher customer base, increasing operational efficiency, and also enhancing their customer experiences.

  • Increasing revenue: The main objective of any business is revenue. The higher the revenue, the higher the growth. According to a KPMG report, SMEs that have adopted technology showed high profitability and profits of online businesses grew by 19% yearly as compared to 10% for offline businesses.
  • Providing access to higher customer base: Offline businesses have limited presence. Taking business online will help in increasing your customer base globally. SMEs are able to compete with some of the big enterprises. Online presence gives you remarkable opportunities to grow your business both in local and global markets.
  • Increasing operational efficiency: According to a report, digital technologies can reduce operational costs for SMEs by 20 to 30 percent. They can reduce their operational expenditure by investing in technologies like Cloud computing, Supply Chain management solutions, and by other IT tools and techniques.
  • Enhancing customer experience: Business intelligence and data analytics can help SMEs to understand the behaviour of the customer. With those insights, SMEs can analyze and know a lot more about the customers’ needs and can also design the right product that meets their requirements.
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My Happy Workspace: ‘Tradeindia’- Nitendra Tripathi Thu, 27 Feb 2020 05:18:24 +0000 The first job is special to everyone but for me, the special one is the second. Tradeindia is the institution of my business learning where I found stability. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a part of this growing organization where employees are treated with respect and honesty. When in March 2006, I joined this company as an Assistant Software Engineer after completing my degree of MCA (Master of Computer Applications), I found a sense of relief.




This company has been a source of great change in my career. The environment of this company was so productive that I increased my efforts in order to prove my worth as a diligent employee. The results of my hard work started showing in the year 2011, when my diligence received its due in the form of promotion to the designation of Senior Software Engineer. The series of promotions accompanied by quality work kept coming forth my way with the growth of Tradeindia and this can be seen in my job profile, which changed from Senior Software Engineer to Project Manager in 2013, and then from Project Manager to a dream position of Vice President (IT department) in 2017. Generally, people are confused in their lives when it comes to choosing a career & securing a job, but I was lucky to find an amazing company, Tradeindia, as I always wanted to be in this profession.

When I joined the company, there were around 5-6 team members. But today, I am proud of being a part of the IT team, which has over 35 talented, qualified and dedicated professionals. My journey in Tradeindia is a story of hard work and commitment. I got the opportunity to lead projects, which not just benefitted the company but also helped me in realizing my potential. Till date, with support of my team, I have successfully accomplished projects pertaining to Software Development for In-House Payroll & HRM, Development & Upgradation of, Development of MTI (My Tradeindia) Section & Trade Shows Portal, and Upgradation as well as Maintenance of Emailing System for Employees & Customers. To ensure quality work in each project, I have always emphasized on using the best technology available in the industry.

In this long-standing professional journey, I have received immense support from Bikky Sir, Sandip Sir, and all my seniors & colleagues. All seniors have always motivated me to showcase the best of my abilities and win over every challenge without ever backing out.

My inspiration to perform the best comes from Sandip Sir from whom I have learned to build a strong team effectively, realizing the importance of 3Ws- Work, Workforce and Workplace. His words have always inspired me to work harder in my field. He has always guided me to bring diversity in the team and encouraged me to implement 3R methodology- Respect, Recognition, and Reward. He inspires to follow ABC theory, which means, Be Agile, Be Bold & Be Creative; it makes me perform brilliantly regularly. My family, which includes doting parents, lovely wife, and adorable sons, is my biggest strength. My family understands my commitment to work and always supports me in my decisions.

Honesty towards work is one of the major reasons for professional growth. I encourage all my colleagues to stay loyal in their business commitments and complete their allocated work with honesty and perfection. Tradeindia values professional individuals having the right attitude towards work.

– Nitendra Tripathi

(Vice President, IT Department)

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Role of a Blog for Your B2B Company Tue, 18 Feb 2020 09:21:07 +0000 A blog plays a very important role for any company whether it is B2C or B2B. Its benefits are not only restricted to B2C companies. A blog not only helps to connect you with your audience and keep them engaged but also helps in SEO and building the brand value.

And when it comes to B2B company, there are numerous benefits of blogging; from attracting the audience to engaging them, and finally converting the lead which is the ultimate goal.

In simple words, a blog is a type of website where quality content is posted keeping the interest of the target audience in mind.

B2B blogs and B2C blogs are almost similar but they target different audiences.

The B2C blogs target the general consumer. On the other hand, B2B blogs’ content purpose is to help professionals and businesses. The key for a blog to look impressive is to have killer content that attracts the eyeballs of your target audience.

Have a look at the benefits of blogging for B2B company penned in detail:

Blogging helps with SEO- Keywords are known as the backbone of SEO. And, when you share blog content around keywords that your target audience finds relevant, the chances of appearing in search engines improve. This way your website receives more organic traffic which in turn helps in converting potential leads into paying customers.

Blogging improves conversion rate over time-?For any B2B company, blogging is an integral and essential part of their digital marketing strategy. The more creative and valuable content you put on your blog, the more possibilities you create to build a relationship with buyers and earn their trust. It is important that buyers get an answer that how your products and services are going to benefit them.

Blogs can help generate more qualified leads- Blogging not only helps in generating leads but also improves the quality of sales leads. When you write content keeping in mind the interest of your potential buyer, you attract the right type of audience to try your product. A qualified lead has more chances of getting converted.

A blog drives traffic to your website- With every additional blog post you publish, there is an opportunity to get more reach by sharing the content on all the social media platforms. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest help you to present your products and services via your blog to a new audience. Once you start getting good traffic on your website, you can manage your content keeping in mind the behavior patterns of your target audience.

Brand awareness can be built by sharing relevant and unique content with the target audience by being consistent in blogging.

Consistency in blogging plays a very important role in driving traffic to your website. It is an inexpensive marketing tool to attract the right audience. Create unique content and plan your blogging strategy well to attract more traffic, more inquiries, and more converts.

Creating a blogging strategy is of great help, it may sound like a tough and time-consuming job but a great opportunity as many are not perfect at it. This makes clear that blogging is valuable.

B2B companies that effectively use blogging can generate more leads than those who do not have a blog.
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Tradeindia, A Great Influence On My Professional Growth & Personal Life: Ravi Bakshi Wed, 08 Jan 2020 11:03:08 +0000 I came to Delhi in search of a good job, and someone suggested me to give an interview at Tradeindia. Getting here, seemed to be a God’s plan as I got selected on the very first go. So, my journey to professional growth and personal life started with far-famed Tradeindia, on 17th?August 2002. It’s been almost 18 years now that I’m working in this progressive B2B company, and needless to say this long working duration has blessed me with a stable financial position and happy life.

I have always been sincere in performing quality work and delivering the same on promised time, without any delay. The same has been possible because of the positive work environment at Tradeindia. It is known as India’s largest B2B marketplace for a reason that is not solely associated with customers’ satisfaction but also employees’ contentment and growth.

I feel proud and at the same time blessed that I got the opportunity to travel to many countries, Dubai, Germany (2 Times), Bangkok, Pakistan, Italy, and various states throughout India for business exposure. I feel Tradeindia is the best thing that has happened to me in terms of both personal and professional growth. What made me noteworthy in this modern, growing and competitive work culture is my great understanding of the work and positive attitude to solve problems. Coming up with simple but very effective solutions is the reason that I have been able to attain a great position in the company.

Hard work is the key to every successful work. A strong believer of this fact, I’m putting all my best efforts in performing business tasks on time, and in a completely sincere manner. Continuous encouragement from company heads- Bikky Sir, Zille Sir, Sandip Sir, Ram Ashish Sir, Vishal Sir, and more is the reason for all my achievements in the company.

Tradeindia is an excellent platform to learn, grow, and attain success. It is one of the best companies to work in and I genuinely feel so grateful to be a part of this modern work culture.

– Ravi Bakshi

(Regional Manager)

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TradeIndia Gave Me A Taste Of Success Which I Always Dreamed Of- Vikash Kumar Pandey Fri, 29 Nov 2019 05:20:03 +0000 I have been working with TradeIndia since 2006 and I feel overwhelmed to be a part of this reputed entity. Before joining this organization, I have worked with two more companies, which I switched within an year as I was not getting the right opportunity as per my caliber. I was quite disheartened at that time but I didn’t give up and my destiny brought me to TradeIndia. I gave an interview and was selected for the profile of Assistant Software Engineer. It was?10th March, 2006, when I joined this employee-centric company and started climbing the ladder of success. Within one and a half years of my joining, I was promoted as a Software Engineer. Thereafter my story of success started and?today?I am holding the position of Vice President and handling a team of more than 10 employees.

In my journey with this company, I was supported by Bikky Sir, Sandip Sir, Puneet Sir, Mr. Sanil, Mr. Nitender and all my juniors as well as seniors. It is because of their consistent support, I performed well and worked on a number of projects. Some of the projects on which I have worked are Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Server Upgradation & Maintenance. I also made websites of Tradeshows, Automobile Industry India, E-supplier India, and many more.

Tradeindia has always appreciated my hard work and has given me an opportunity to visit beautiful countries like Germany and Malaysia along with many domestic tourist destinations. I was also given shares of the firm back in the year 2008 for my excellent contribution to the growth of the company. TradeIndia is truly an excellent platform that has polished my skills and enabled me to grow as a dexterous person in the IT sphere. Today when I look back, I feel satisfied to have chosen this profession and the company.

I am also thankful to my family members, who support me at every step, be it giving my heart & soul to the profession or long hours distance from them due to work. Without their support, I won’t be able to grow and become what I am?today.

– Vikash Kumar Pandey
Vice President, IT Department


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A Statement Worth-Relying On: ‘Tradeindia Is The Best Place To Work’ Thu, 31 Oct 2019 04:23:35 +0000 I became a part of Tradeindia, a prestigious organization in the month of December in 2012. I have been working here for 6.5 years now and with time it has become my second home, where I have a loving family. Tradeindia is a promising company, it has stayed true to its commitment of providing great professional growth, which can be seen in my journey from Team Head to BDM, Branch Manager, Senior Branch Manager and, now Deputy Regional Manager.

The only attribute, an employee of Tradeindia needs to have for experiencing the kind of exceptional growth I have seen is hard work. Through hard work, I have earned promotions, support of competent colleagues, and loyalty of my subordinates. The open communication culture of Tradeindia, where employees share their ideas freely without hesitation helped me become confident in putting across my views with perfection. Equal growth?opportunity?for everyone makes Tradeindia a wonderful company to experience growth-oriented professional life.

Great professional growth that I have been enjoying all these years is a result of excellent support provided by Bikky Sir, Sandip Sir, and Zille Sir. In addition to these inspiring people, lasting trust of my team- FLS/Managers helped me to outperform in all business situations.

Rewards for great business performance, business exposure in the form of international trips to Germany & Dubai have been given to me by Tradeindia. All this so far has helped me in shaping my career. I am thankful to God and proud of my decision of joining this company. In the coming years, I am sure that I’ll witness my company reaching new levels of success.

– Bhishma Haresh Trivedi

(Deputy Regional Manager)

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